Rules of the competition

“Mediterranean Mathematics Competition” (GMM in Italian) is a free competition for students from Primary (3rd – 4th -5th classes), Middle school and High school ( 1st and 2nd classes) belonging to the Italian or other Countries public or private schools.

To the contestants for each rank, apart the level they are contesting, will be given a max of questions so determined:

N. 10 questions for the rank P3 ( 3rd class  primary school)    Time max 60 minutes
N. 15 questions for the rank P4 ( 4th class primary school)     Time max 90 minutes
N. 20 questions for the rank P5 ( 5th class primary school)     Time max 120 minutes

N. 10 questions for the rank S1 ( 1st class Middle school)        Time max 60 minutes
N. 15 questions for the rank S2 (  2nd class Middle school)   
  Time max 90 minutes
N. 20 questions for the rank S3 ( 3rd class Middle school)        Time max 120 minutes

N. 10 questions for the rank S4 ( 1st class High school)             Time max 90 minutes
N. 15 questions for the rank S5 ( 2nd class High school)           Time max 120 minutes

The questions are all with “ multiple choice” or “ open answer “.

For all the ranks and for all the levels of the competition the following scores will be assigned:

  • 3 ( three) points for each correct answer

  • 0  (zero) points for each answer not given, incorrect, modified or cancelled


The Mediterranean Mathematics Competition (GMM) consists of 4 levels:


1) School qualification
2) School final
3) Local or Area final
4) National final


1- To the 1st level, School Qualification, all the students of the contesting schools for each rank  can participate.
In the School Final there will be the students who in the School Qualification have obtained at least these minimum scores:


Rank P3 : 18 scores ( eighteen )
Rank P4 : 30 scores ( thirty )
Rank P5 : 39 scores ( thirty-nine )

Rank S1 : 18 scores ( eighteen )
Rank S2 : 30 scores ( thirty )
Rank S3 : 39 scores ( thirty-nine )

Rank S4 : 18 scores ( eighteen )
Rank S5 : 30 scores ( thirty )

If the number of the students qualified for each rank is less than 10, they will be selected for the next level the first 10 students regardless their qualification score.
N.B. The rankings are for each School , so different sections of the same school even with different study addresses ( ex classic and scientific, etc) which are in different Municipalities or Province, have only one school ranking.


2-The 4% (rounded up ) of the contestants for each rank passes to the School Final and is so selected for the Local or Area Final ( ex if in the Province of Palermo for the rank P3 there are 2000 students in the School Qualification , there will be the 4% of 2000 in the Local Final, that is 80 contestants)
Assigned the max and minimum  number of contestants for each Province ( following the rule in comma 2) the remaining places will be assigned in proportion to each school.


3- To have a Local or Area Final it needs 3 schools contesting for the same Province. If not , the schools of this Province will be summed to the school in another Province of the same Area and the number of the contestants for the National final will be summed for Area.


4- To the National Final it is admitted by right the first student in the Local Final for each rank. These admitted students are called “fixed quota”. In the National Final  80 students for each rank   will contest . Besides the fixed quota, a “proportional quota” of students will contest too, so to have a proportional number of students for each Italian Region or Nation. This proportional quota is obtained on the number of students in the School Qualification for each rank who had the second or successive position in the ranking of the Local or Area Final till to complete the proportional quota for each Region. Anyway, no more than 6 contestants from the School Final will be admitted for each local area.



Translation by prof. Maria Brignola from the Piranesi Lyceum of Capaccio Paestum

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